My trip to Jaipur to see our art in ACTION!

Packing my suitcase with wedding outfits and my sketchbook, I don’t know what I was more excited for, a wedding or my printing! After long conversations across the planet and sleepless nights sketching and conversing with the time change, I was actually going to see my work in action.

Nerves were kicking in, I wasn’t sure if I had enough outfits, shoes or enough of my drawings. The day arrived when I was taking the early train to Jaipur. It’s an experience in itself! The train station known for their mouth watering chai (Indian Tea) in the tiniest cups for 10p. I would need at least 2!

The buzz of people at 5am, it was difficult to tell what time of the day it really was, the country never sleeps. By the time Jaipur came, it was a warm, sunny afternoon, and I was so ready to finally see our new collection in real life!

I met Neelofar and our artisans, just talking in that big, airy room filled with blocks and paints, it just took my breath away. I couldn’t concentrate on any conversation, my eyes and mind were both wandering, thinking about what designs I can create with these for the next collection. It was all I had imagined, my designs I had in my sketchbook, now transformed onto pure cotton in front of me, sprawled out over a huge table.

Before we got stuck in, we were brought snacks and tea (yes... again!) and then the printing continued. It was amazing to see how focused they are on their work, even whilst chatting to them, they don’t look at you, as one second of distraction to glance up can damage the prints. (I wouldn’t have enough patience!) but that is their heritage and what they are born to do. It fills them with pride to be able to continue their family traditions and art techniques  in order to bring in an income.

The day finally finished with the sampling with every colour you could imagine, which are in production as we speak and we hope you will love them!

We would also love to hear any feedback or if you would like to hear more about our adventures, do let us know!

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