So glad you want to know a little more about us so here we go!
Yet another clothing brand,’ at least that’s what I thought before starting up Woven Riches.
Born in Delhi amongst the busiest fabric market in the world, all the textile jargon was infused in me from my early days. Woven Riches is born from my passion of fabrics and my Indian heritage. With so many fast fixes and shortcuts available, I knew from early days that that’s exactly what I wanted to avoid! I wanted a brand with some soul, a purpose, and heartfelt stories behind it.
Woven Riches was born when Reea and I decided to tie our roots a little tighter and bring the vibrancy of India closer to Ireland. Our foundation is built on the joy of easy dressing and luxury loungewear paired with a celebration of color. We combine the laidback elegance and comfort for a modern woman with a twist of bold prints, fun features, and pockets! Easy like Sunday morning!
We have spent our lives sharing clothes, so we wanted to introduce more ageless and timeless pieces to the world, to dress up & down, to wear throughout the year, on every occasion, and to continue to share our love for that chic look with a sprinkle of character.

Our Responsibility

Are we 100 % sustainable? We don’t believe anyone can ever be 100% sustainable. It is a progressive effort, and we are consciously trying to strive for more to do our bit. It is crucial for our growth, our future generations growth & most importantly, for Mother Earth.

Our Soul

We are so blessed to be working with our little team in India. These are just not workers, I personally love to sit with them and hear their life stories over a cup of chai. The core team consists of 7 women, from designing to creating the product. We believe in socially responsible business to ensure dignity of work and breaking stereotypes.

While the brand is still in its infancy stage, it has already spread its wings to shield society. Woven Riches not only provides for the artisans but also caters to an NGO in Delhi, India called the Nagpal Foundation. It is our home grown charity with no strings attached.
Meals are made from our household kitchen & delivered straight to the little ones houses, we hold no room for added expenses.

This NGO provides meals to kids that have been affected by covid or have been bereft of family.
Hence, when you spend to acquire a beautiful piece from Woven Riches, you unconsciously, simultaneously contributing to this. All while giving wings to a small dream of an aspiring mother-daughter duo!

So, we welcome you with warm hearts and big smiles to join our little family! Or as we say in India "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam".


We welcome you to join us on our Woven Riches journey, to seek fun and adventure (either in comfy pyjamas or elegant fashion!), whilst being the forefront of growing our small business in line with our own morals. Sign up to our newsletter, follow us on Instagram & take a look at our blog post on our little ones who we provide meals for, they have a huge part of our hearts.
All Our love,
From Hand to Heart,
Namita & Reea
The Mother Daughter Duo of Woven Riches x