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We’re are filled with joy that you want to know more about our journey, you are SO welcome here!


Our story began as a Mother Daughter duo when we, Namita and Reea, decided to tie our Indian roots little tighter and bring India a little closer to our home in Northern Ireland, to allow us to bring you the vibrancy and traditional techniques of India and sweetly combine it with contemporary designs.



We at Woven Riches, are committed to operating ethically & consciously with integrity. From pyjamas to kaftans, all our products are sustainably sourced, reflecting our passion and love for natural fabrics. We started to revive the original pieces of craftsmanship by Indian artisans and made them accessible for those who craved to know more about the unspoilt India.

Our passion soon became our profession and gradually, we started to create blend of creative comfort with every product having a unique story with pure magic in the hands and eyes that pour over a needle.


Namita, a young girl in India, used to watch her mother stitch and sew while sitting in her handmade cotton dress. At the time, she found it uncool and didn't realize the true artistry behind it. However, when Namita left India and settled in Belfast, her eyes were opened to the beauty she had been surrounded by all along.

Living in the small city of Belfast, Namita and her team couldn't help but envision the vibrant colors that spoke to their souls. It was a realisation that marked the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

With a deep sense of gratitude, Namita and her team are privileged to collaborate with skilled artisans, forming a close-knit family. They work harmoniously, disregarding unrealistic deadlines and rigid working hours. For them, the key is creating items infused with time and love – a true reflection of a happy artisan.

Their mission is not to follow fast fashion or fleeting trends. Instead, they focus on crafting timeless and ageless products, each with its own soul and story to tell.

Through Woven Riches, Namita endeavours to bridge the gap between India and Belfast, and even beyond. They aim to unite contemporary design language with the rich heritage of artisanal communities, resulting in pieces that benefit both the creators and consumers.


While the brand is still in its infancy stage, it has already spread its wings to shield society. Woven Riches not only provides for the artisans but also caters to an NGO in Delhi, India called the Nagpal Foundation. It is our home grown charity with no strings attached.
Meals are made from our household kitchen & delivered straight to the little ones houses, we hold no room for added expenses.

This NGO provides meals to kids that have been affected by covid or have been bereft of family.
Hence, when you spend to acquire a beautiful piece from Woven Riches, you unconsciously, simultaneously contributing to this. All while giving wings to a small dream of an aspiring mother-daughter duo!

So, we welcome you with warm hearts and big smiles to join our little family! Or as we say in India "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam".